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About Us

Established in 2017, our group has expanded quickly with a shared vision and passion to provide the best care to all of our clients.  We believe in whole-person care - Including caring for our mental health.   We currently have 15 bilingual, native Spanish-speaking, practitioners!  Combined we have more than 40 years of experience in providing an array of mental health services to people of all colors, ages, and places on the gender spectrum.  We hope our space will offer acceptance, understanding, and peace.  We would be honored to help you on your journey of healing.

Below you will find a brief description of our work and approach with clients.  We encourage  you to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment with one of us specifically.

Our Mission

Our goal is to minimize the disparities in availability and access to quality mental health services among the underserved Latino population of Nebraska.  Our group will serve to enhance awareness and destigmatize mental health problems and services for people with mental illness, their care-givers and loved ones through education, support, empowerment, and coordination of resources.  We will strive to provide services that are culturally competent, aware of  socio-economic disparities, and available in the client's language.

Our Team


Laura Sanchez, LICSW, LADC

Founder/CEO (She|Her|Ella)


Nereida Rojas Lopez, PLMHP, PCMSW


CH bio pic.jpg

Claudia Herrera, PLMHP, PCMSW. PLADC



Candice Sortino, PLMHP


Evette Alvarez, PLMHP


Guillermo Luna, PLHMP, PCSMW


Roman Sanchez, PLHMP, PCSMW


Diana Graham, LIMHP
(She|They|Ella|Elle )


Salvador Hernandez, LICSW


Samantha Reed, PLMHP



Megan Schwartz, PLMHP



Jose David Soriano, LIMHP


Cesia Marino, LIMHP

Nancy Herrera.jpeg

Nancy Herrera, LIMHP


Anabel Tapia, LIMHP, LMFT

Harsha_Headshot (1).jpg

Harsha Duggirala, PLMHP


Francisca Gonzalez, PLMHP, PCMSW

Our Interns

female shadow.png

Daisy Sanchez, MSW Intern

IMG_1059 2.jpg

Gelsey Timilsina, Counseling Psych Intern  (She|Her|Ella)


Halle Stuart, MSW Intern

Bio picture .jpg

Monica Godinez, BSW intern

Our Support Staff


Beatriz Pedro-Simon, Executive Assistant

female shadow.png

Susana Arroyo, Receptionist

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