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Frequently Asked

We recognize that starting therapy can be an intimidating process.  Please look through our list of things people most often wonder about therapy.  If you have more questions, though, we are happy to answer them to the best of our ability - feel free to contact us...

Why go to therapy when I can just get advice from friends and family?

While friends and family  can certainly be helpful, therapists are professionals.  They are trained to guide you in exploring difficult situations and developing solutions to your particular problems. They have expertise in helping you understand your feelings and thoughts, without bringing their own needs into the process.


How do I pick the right therapist?

Research shows repeatedly that the client-therapist relationship is the most important part of therapy. Like everyone, therapists have different personalities, styles, office settings, and approaches.  It is important you find a therapist you are comfortable with, you can trust, and who helps you reach your goals.  We generally recommend meeting with a therapist for 2-3 sessions before deciding if they are a good match for you.


How long will I be in Therapy?

Typically sessions range between 45-60 minutes. An important element to therapy is consistent sessions.  To be most useful at the beginning, sessions with your therapist usually be at least once per week. With time and progress, sessions may be every couple of weeks, then perhaps once per month.  Eventually you will finish because therapy isn't meant to be forever.


What is the first session going to be like?

 During the first session your therapist will complete an “intake,” also known as a biopsychosocial assessment.  During the intake, you will be asked questions about your current struggles, family background, mental health history, physical health, education, career, and substance use history. If your therapist asks you a question that you don’t want to answer, just tell them that you’re not ready to discuss it.  You can always come back to the topic later in therapy when you’re ready.


Is therapy really Confidential?

Yes! All that is talked about during therapy is completely confidential - a law protects you - but there are couple exceptions:

1) if a child (under 19 in Nebraska) or vulnerable adult is being abused or in danger

2) if you are in danger of harming yourself or another person


Can I do therapy online?

Yes! All of our therapists offer both in person and virtual therapy appointments.  Online therapy is conducted on a safe platform, in a private virtual room.  We only ask that you have space that is safe and private to engage in therapy via telehealth.

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